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Thread: Two requests for Android (unless I'm missing something)

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    Two requests for Android (unless I'm missing something)

    Hi all!

    Really enjoying ArtRage for Android. There are two things I seem to be missing, though:

    1. Is there a "preserve layer transparency" setting somewhere? If there is, I can't seem to find it.
    2. Color swatch management. I can create and manage swatches just fine but there's doesn't seem to be a way of managing palettes like one can in desktop ArtRage. (e.g., I have a range of blues for a sky I'm painting but they stick around when I switch projects and I can't find a way to switch to a different set of colors.) Any chance this is going to be added in the future?

    Again, loving what I see so far. Keep up the great job!

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    Unhappy s

    I don't know

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