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Thread: Sneak Peek / What ArtRage Team is Currently working on

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    Sneak Peek / What ArtRage Team is Currently working on


    I think it would be great to know, if only at a high level what the ArtRage team is working on to improve and extend ArtRage. Perhaps a new Official thread could drop tidbits from time to time and keep users invested in the program while it evolves.


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    I think they tend to keep things to themselves, because they don't want people getting their hopes up over ideas that may end up being impractical, or even impossible, to implement.
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    Pretty much what SomeoneSane said. Unfortunately, there are a lot of really cool things we could theoretically do with ArtRage, and might even be currently working on - but that won't ultimately be possible, or will take too long, or will break something else. We don't really want to tell you that we managed to create a real rainbow tool, only to have to pull it at the last minute because it kept spawning random pots of gold that broke people's screens. Or converted it to a fake rainbow tool, because the processing requirements were too high. Or we just couldn't figure out a good way to do it.

    But we're always working on ArtRage, somehow.

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    Well, Thanks for continuing to make this a great tool!

    I understand what it takes to maintain hundreds of thousands of lines of code. It is a daunting task and is not for the faint of heart. Hat's off to the developers!

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