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Thread: Autosave ?

  1. Question Autosave ?

    Where can I set up timed autosave ? Also what is the max number of undo/redo,and where to set the limit up, I made a mistake and ctrl Z didn't work no more than 20 times I think.
    Thanks, DD

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    Hello DebDeeDawn
    AR has no timed backups but can make incremental backups of a painting each time you save it. Upto a maximum of 26.
    To turn on the backup function:
    Open: ArtRage Preferences > Advanced Preferences > Store Backup Files. Move the slider to the right to increase the number that will be saved. Click OK to save and close the window.

    Each backup will bear the original painting name and be appended with; _GenA.ptgback, _GenB.ptgback, _GenC.ptgback, etc… With _GenA.ptgback always being the most recent past version.
    These backups will be saved to the same location as the painting that is generating them.
    Once the number of versions to be saved is reached, let us say it is set to 6, the backups will still be made at each save of the painting but as a new _GenA.ptgback is added at the front the oldest version _GenF.ptgback will fall off at the back, as it were, as everything is shuffled along one.
    P107 in the manual has more on this.

    As to Undo, as far as I know it is unlimited. Certainly there is nowhere to set the number of undos.
    All I can say is that it's never run out on me before!
    Maker Of Replica Macoys

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  3. Thank you ! That's very good to know

    Also, I think I might have touched something to stop the undo from working. It's working ok now.

    EDIT : eraser is my best friend anyways rather than undo as I do everything on a single layer
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    Hey DebDeeDawn,

    For autosaving my work I've been using a separate program called ForeverSave. It is very configurable and lightweight. Interval adjustment, max versions to save, ignore file names, ignore files over a certain MB , etc..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the heads up on ForeverSave2 Victor.
    Have been looking for something more aimed at short term crash/user error protection, rather than long term file recovery (have that pretty much covered).
    This looks like it might fit the bill rather nicely!
    Taking the trial version out for a test drive
    Maker Of Replica Macoys

    Techie Stuff:
    ArtRage 5.0.5 ~ 15" Macbook Pro
    + 22" HD Monitor ~ macOS 10.12.6 ~ 4 Core i7 3.1GHz CPU ~ 16GB RAM ~ Wacom Intuos4 M and a Spyder4Pro (to keep the colours true!)

  6. Victor Osaka , I might as well give it a try if I can find it for PC Thank you

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    deleted because it seems a lit funky;( link was blocked by Google (for me that means "trouble,lol)
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    I use tortoisvn ( for all of all my backups (artrage or not). This is a tool for programmers usually but it is file-agnostic.

    It's for Windows but it (svn=subversion) must have interfaces on other OSs.

    The good thing is it can be setup with no server at all.



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