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Thread: Illustrator-type brush tool

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    Illustrator-type brush tool

    Up to now, I've been relying on Illustrator to turn my sketches into high-quality calligraphic linework. Specifically I'm able to trace over my sketches using the brush tool in Illustrator and my graphics tablet to get a smooth thick-and-thin line. Illustrator will smooth out my imprecise strokes and after one or two attempts I usually get just the line I wanted but was unable to create.

    I bought the full version of Artrage within a few days of receiving my tablet pc from Gateway. I'm going to be relying on it heavily for my sketching and background work. I'd like to use it for my inking as well. Maybe it's my relative inexperience with the program and its tools, but I can't seem to find the perfect tool or settings to get good "ink" line work. The closest I've come so far is the paint brush using black and 40% thinner. That still leaves a soft edge, though, and I still have to go over and over the line to get it as professionally curved as possible, and I'm usually going back and forth with the brush and eraser to get what I'm after.

    So I'm hoping your programming guru can accomodate my poor hand-eye coordination and come up with an inking tool that produces smooth calligraphic lines from unsteady strokes.

    Thanks for a great app. It's the reason I decided to keep my tablet instead of sending it back.

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    I would LOVE to see their to-do list. Any chance you great AR people could let sneak a peek?

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    There is no fine liner at present... the finest line you can get is the smallest setting on the eraser...I do believe its on the to do list, as is the much requested Blender....for now I would use crayon tool on zero paper grain on a seperate layer and etch away to get your perfect line....Jack.
    Some of my artwork can be seen at the above link.......Jack.

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    Just wanted to ask the code gods here, is what I described a possibility? Something that takes my imprecise linework and "redraws" it with a better curve or calligraphic effect? Or should I not get my hopes up?

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    This may make inking stuff in Illustrator easier, if you haven't discovered this hidden preferences screen and its weird defaults:

    Double-click on the brush tool. Uncheck either 'keep selected' or 'edit selected'; having these both on means you keep on accidentally editing the line you just drew, instead of drawing one nearby.

    The pencil tool has the same hidden settings and the same unusable default settings.

    Sketching things in AI with the tablet will become much faster after doing this, as you won't have to keep on deselecting things all the damn time. I hated both tools until I discovered this!

    (ps: use the tablet for everything, not just pressure-sensitive elements. even pulling out a line with the pen tool goes faster for me with the stylus...)

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    You're correct.

    What I do is sketch out my images (in the past, in Photoshop, now I plan to do that in AR), import them into Illustrator and use the brush tool with the settings tweaked a bit to get a nice calligraphic line. I keep the line selected in case I don't like it and am able to redo it or a portion of it until I like it.

    I'd like this capability to be in Artrage because it's such a wonderful program that doesn't HAVE to have the keys available for efficient use, unlike Photoshop and Illustrator. I'd like to keep my tablet in tablet mode as much as possible.

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