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Thread: radial menu on wacom

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    radial menu on wacom

    Hi, I use a Wacom intuos pro medium, Im having problems with the radial menu, I use artrage and painter, and the problem im having is I have the radial menu set up for the 2 programs, when I try to use the settings for artrage, it goes back to painter settings, I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem, any help would be great, ty

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    Hi swansong
    Can't say that I have ever had this "radial" specific problem here with my Inuos4, which I think has the same setup options as your Pro.
    But from my own past experiences may I offer the following:

    Drivers, keep them up to date. It could be that when they say "minor bug fixes" for an update, that was the fix for whatever obscure bug just hit you!

    When setting preferences double check that you are actually setting them for the right app! This ones caught me out a few times! Make sure the desired app that you are setting preferences for is the one highlighted in the list of apps and remains highlighted when swapping between pen and tablet settings for that app and it hasn't mysteriously switched to 'All Other Apps' or something else while you weren't looking.

    Preferences can get corrupted! And occasionally I have known them to be completely erased! It's rare and I have yet to determine what set of actions triggers it but it has happened a couple of times to me over the years.
    Thankfully Wacom provides a backup utility for saving and restoring preferences so getting them back is not a problem. But you have to have made some backups before to restore from!
    So if your current preferences have become unstable try going back a step to your most recent backup.

    Wish I could be of more help to you with this and I hope you get it sorted soon.
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    Thank you Markw, I tried new drivers but it didn't work in the end I deleated all the setting and started again, it seems ok now, ty very much for replying, and for you help


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