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Thread: I'm Learning to Draw... Greetings from Pasig City, Philippines!

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    I actually went to Home Depot and bought some cinder blocks and raised my desk to where I can stand and work and just as easily, on a high office chair, can slide my butt onto and off of the chair without a change in height, switching from sitting to standing without changing the angle I am to my keyboard and I can work in infinitely more positions this way. So the problems from sitting too low and frozen in a position no longer exist for me. And I think my main problem was never moving and holding my body knotted in a relatively unnatural position for hours -- ie curled around a standard office desk.

    I would find myself, after hours like this, having to unwind frozen from legs wrapped around a chair's wheels and so forth. . . And after years of such neglect and abuse, it finally began hurting in nearly every position I found myself in -- in cars, watching TV, eating dinner, reading etc. And I finally had to do something.

    I used to have a job where I could both stand and sit at the same height where my body could move about somewhat and I never had a problem from ergonomics. Of course, I was also young at the time. But my aches and pains are disappearing ever since I raised my desk and stand part of the time. And my aging body is well pleased.

    So thanks for that hint about the height, Victor. It made all the difference. The cool thing is I had the tall office chair sitting in the garage. So the whole fix merely took around 8 dollars for the bricks because I'm tall. Were I shorter it would have cost half that. Cured!
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    Smile Art as Pain therapy

    Quote Originally Posted by KuyaMarc View Post
    Hello World!

    Due to my ailing health, I have began reducing my technical duties and opted to start a non-technical hobby, called 'drawing by hand'.
    Hi KuyaMarc, I came to using art for therapy, mainly as a distraction, from Degenerative CPS (Central Pain Syndrome) Having been craftsman Welder/Blacksmith, I came to using Digital art to scratch that creative itch, whilst having the added benefits both mentally & as a distraction. I started with then moved on to vector work using Xara Designer Pro 7/8/ 9
    but wanted to get back to more realistic pieces, I love ArtRage 4 & I'm sure you will.
    Kind REgards

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