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Thread: It came from the forums: The 'find all the useful posts' project

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    It came from the forums: The 'find all the useful posts' project

    There are an awful lot of good posts buried in these forums, and it would be nice to organise some of the most useful threads and rescue posts from obscurity. I'm also trying to update tutorials for the main website, but there are often so many different ways to do things in ArtRage that I'd like to incorporate as many tips from other users as possible.

    Do you have a favourite tip, remember a particular post, or feel like randomly browsing and sharing something awesomely helpful that you found from three years ago? (Or last week? We're not agist here... ).

    How to join in:

    1. Quote a post, or part of a post, and leave a link to the original (for individual posts)
    2. Summarise what a thread is about and link to the whole thing (for entire threads that are worth reading).

    If we actually get enough posts, we might be able to organise them, but even if we don't, this should be an interesting ramble through the random and useful advice of ArtRage users, and a nice place to send people who want to know more about using ArtRage, but don't have specific questions yet.

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    Hi Hannah,

    Wonderful idea. I hope I can set aside some time and help do this idea justice. I suspect I'm not alone, others will like this idea.

    By the way, pulling together the several threads that have broad discussions about differences between traditional and digital painting is one that would be great.
    This link:
    will take you to two other links. I know there are more than these three. All together, there are a number of great threads exchanging engaged, lively views of this complicated topic during a major cultural transition in the creation of visual arts, a transformation of which ArtRage is a material and constructive participant, and creative force. If I can find the time I'll see if I can locate them. Perhaps others reading the post will remember some of these other threads and provide links.

    There are also several threads with lots of input on printing your digital art. I may be able to go back an find those threads, and maybe others can dig those up too. It's always been a popular topic. Times have changed a lot since some of those threads were written, and AR is offering a printing service too. So there may be a chance to update these in some way and provide a more up-to-date view of this popular topic and concern.
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