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Thread: Swapping Colors

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    Swapping Colors

    I was wondering if I can swap colors in ArtRage.

    For example if I already have something drawn and colored in one color could I copy and paste it and then replace it with another color?


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    If it is a solid colour, then you could simply flood fill the copy with the new colour.

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    Not sure I fully understand what you're trying to do. The Adjust Color feature may help, though. Copy and paste the layer, as you planned, then go to Edit > Adjust Layer Colors. By moving the "Hue" slider, you'll shift the colors of the selected layer (or any area selected with the selection tool).
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    There are a number of ways you could do this, I like to duplicate my layer, lock the transparent pixels and paint it in with whatever colors you like. I do this with an oil brush set to instant dry, but you could do it with Ink Pen, fill tools, any number of things, and even choose where you want a color and alternate and blend between them if needed. If you have transparent pixels in your image turn off the base layer to see how your colors are working. There are a lot of options here in ArtRage for adjusting colors.

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