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Thread: layer texture in PSD

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    layer texture in PSD

    Hey guys!

    You could help me a lot with this.

    My workflow for a job forces me to jump between Artrage and Photoshop hence I need to use PSD files.

    It seemed like canvas grain is not supported in PSD-s
    But it is.
    Now I don't know if what I experience is a bug or a feature but it seemed like the Canvas settings won't change anything in my just opened PSD.
    BUT! If I change the layer texture on one particular layer and I then make a new one than it will inherit it's layer texture settings.
    Not just that: if only I click on one layer with a different (nonexisting for example) layer texture than the next created layer inherit that one too. So its tricky, because I can't be sure which layer has what kind of texture.
    The problem: the canvas texture window doesn't change any of my layer textures in the document.
    So my main question is how can I set up a multilayer psd to all layer has one particular grainy layer texture? (at least while I'm in Artrage. I'm sure I would have to do this again when I reopen it)

    Any tips for me, please?

    Thanks in advance
    David K.

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    Any newly created layer will take on the properties of the layer beneath it. If the layer beneath the newly created layer is set to use the Base Canvas settings, the layer will acquire the base Canvas properties, but will not follow them if you make changes to them later. In order to get a layer to follow the changes made to the canvas settings, you'll need to set the layer to use the "Use Canvas Texture" option, on the layers Layer Texture panel. I currently don't have access to Photoshop, but I doubt that opening a file, other then a .ptg, will retain the layer specific settings, so it's likely you'll need to reset each layer after importing.
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