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Thread: UH OH!! Question for Admin

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    UH OH!! Question for Admin

    I have been using AR for months now.. with great pleasure.. It's my "Go To" software.

    But this morning something strange is going on. I have never experienced this before.. have changed nothing... all my drivers are up to date, etc etc etc.

    So I am painting with the knife tool.. and every time that I change the loading.. it freezes everything. The mouse won't move.. etc. If I can get off the program my mouse operates fine (So I am assuming it's not a mouse or port issue). It doesn't happen every time I change the setting... but certainly 3 times out of 5 at the least.

    Any ideas what's going on.. This is inconvenient at best.


    Running Win 7 4 GIG Ram

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    This sounds like it might be caused by a Windows update, as there was one yesterday. Can you try:

    1. Changing the input settings in case something broke/changed in the driver to ArtRage set up.

    Open ArtRage and go to Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Input Settings.

    a. Make sure that Wintab is ON and Precise Tablet and RealTime Stylus are turned OFF.
    b. Restart ArtRage and test.
    c. If that doesn’t help, turn Wintab OFF and RealTime Stylus ON
    d. Restart ArtRage and test

    2. If that doesn't work, uninstalling and reinstalling your driver may do the trick. What input device are you using? Just a mouse, or something else?

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