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Thread: program not responding

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    program not responding

    recently i got a Wacom tablet which came with a program download.
    I downloaded ArtRage Studio 3.5 and as soon as I opened it it crashed immediately (the 'artrage studio stopped responding' message came up) before i could even put in my download code. I restarted my comp and opened it again and once again it stopped responding seconds after i opened it. it does this every time i open it.

    One one forum a user had the same problem and it was only resolved when they uninstalled their tablet software. I uninstalled my software to see if it would work and it did - i was able to put in my code and make brush strokes wiht my mouse - but i want to be able to use my tablet!

    I saw on another forum here that artrage does not work well with wacom servers (weird that wacom would bundle it with their tablets but w/e).

    my operating system is windows 8 and my comp is about 6 yrs old.
    if anyone can help id appreciate it!

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    It sounds like you need to update the drivers for the tablet; these can go out of date quickly, and outdated/corrupted drivers often cause problems with lots of programs because of tiny changes that accumulate over time. If you installed the drivers from a CD, and not downloaded from online, then they're almost definitely out of date. You can compare the number against the list of available drivers

    To update your tablet drivers.

    a. Uninstall your current driver first (> Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs)
    b. Restart the computer
    c. Download and install the latest version from

    There are a few related things you can check as well:

    1. Do you have any OTHER Wacom tablets installed? If you have both a Bamboo and an Intuos, they will install separate drivers and tablet utilities (the programs in the start menu for managing them). If one is out of date, it can clash with the other one.

    2. Turn off Windows Ink as it can interfere with other programs.

    a) Go to Start > Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Properties > Mapping tab
    b) Uncheck "Use Windows Ink" in the bottom left corner

    3. ArtRage's input settings. Sometimes ArtRage is getting conflicting information from the drivers and only a certain combination of options will work. It sounds like you'll need to uninstall the tablet drivers in order to access this menu, if ArtRage crashes as quickly as you describe.

    Open ArtRage and go to Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Input Settings.

    a. Make sure that Wintab is ON and Precise Tablet and RealTime Stylus are turned OFF.
    b. Restart ArtRage, install the drivers and test.

    c. If that doesn’t help, turn Wintab OFF and RealTime Stylus ON
    d. Restart ArtRage and test

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    problem solved! i did have a bamboo installed as well. uninstalled it and it is working fine. thanks for the quick response! :^)

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    If you still need the Bamboo, you may just need to update the drivers for it. But at least you know what the problem was.

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