This is from a reference taken in my kitchen, if you'd like to see the reference pictures feel free to ask and I'll dig them out. I made a lot of decisions regarding not following my references exactly in many places instead focusing on how I would have liked to have arranged them if I'd not been so rushed to snap a couple quick shots (my daughter needed breakfast, then I promptly forgot to try again later). Sat outside in downtown and painted it on my iPad to get attention from the locals, hopefully get some commission work (and I definitely got some bites but no takers just yet). At any rate, was an extremely fun study and I really enjoyed doing the still life as I don't do them terribly often anymore though I really should do them more so much to learn in them.

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Oh, and yeah it wasn't completed, only had a little over an hour before the kid dragged me away to feed her again. . . I swear she needs food like every 2 hours. (I should have taken some snacks with me for her).