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Thread: Spray Brush

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    Spray Brush


    Don't you think this Spray Brush is interesting?
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    Why not make it for ArtRage?

    Quote Originally Posted by Claudine View Post
    Hi, Don't you think this Spray Brush is interesting?
    Your CraftArtist tutorial is good. But if you do the same kind of tutorial for ArtRage it would fit better into this forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Claudine View Post

    Don't you think this Spray Brush is interesting?
    Interesting for sure. I have programs that already do most of this though I haven't established a workflow since I don't really do that kind of stuff repetitively. If you're a dedicated Scrapbooker and you want a program that does this kind of thing exclusively with packets of papers and artsy frames and so forth to use, this could be interesting.

    As to the Spray Brush, it is a cool effect. I'm pretty sure you can get the same effect in ArtRage with Sticker Spray and Photoshop/Gimp with brush settings. Since I haven't explored this feature, you could ask in the tips and tricks forum here how to do it.

    An old version of the program:
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    The sticker spray in ArtRage can do this very well and with a bit more variety from the list of control available in that program in the video. In the manuals on the website it gives you a beginning look at sticker spray and sticker sheets and how those work, it's pretty deep stuff with tons of options and controls.

    What I find interesting was the UI of the software (designed to look like almost every other graphic design software), hadn't realized just how much more I like the layout of ArtRage till today, thanks for sharing!
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