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Thread: ArtRage 4.5 & Steam downloads

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    ArtRage 4.5 & Steam downloads

    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum, I am a retired engineer and I live in bonnie Scotland, I have two technical questions, one for this technical section and the other for the Android section.

    Anyway, I have within the last hour purchased and downloaded, from the "Steam" software supplier ArtRage 4.5.

    The download also supplied the Key to unlock the product, so far so good.

    After launching the software as instructed, the "Key" sequence was already entered into the "key" boxes and the software ran fine.

    If I close the software then attempt to re-open it, I am instructed to log in to "Steam" and then re-launch the product by entering the "Key"

    Would I be correct in assuming that this product will only run when I am logged into steam, this in itself is OK but for the fact that internet connections in the North Of Scotland are stone-age.

    Operating system, Windows 7 64 bit.

    If you tell me this product should run without a constant link to "Steam", then I shall go after them with a baseball bat

    I am off to post my Android problem.

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    Welcome sir to this forum i read your Q and i had a look at the help section,came up with this.....hoping it solves or helps with your prob

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    Yes hello and welcome Robbie
    Yes you should be able to launch it as a standalone app.
    There's another entry about this in the FAQs page on the main website here:
    Just scroll down to the section 'Problems Launching ArtRage' and see the entry on; Launching ArtRage without Steam.
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    And here's a link directly to the FAQ entry:

    If you have any problems getting Steam/ArtRage to behave, please let us know.

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    Many thanks for your prompt assistance regarding this "Steamie" problem.

    The problem is now resolved using the option that suggested creating a new ArtRage shortcut for the desktop that bypasses the Steam client.

    Wonderful stuff, easy when you know how.

    I had purchased Sketchbook Pro 6, but found out that there are no "Watercolour" brushes supplied out of the box and neither, it would seem are there any sets available either for free or money, a vote for try before you buy

    Many thanks


    Take care.

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    I have had nothing but problems with Steam (with another program). To top off all the problems.. they have a horrible customer service.. and a lousy BBB rating.

    I, personally, would never deal with Steam again.. and I'm not sure why people wouldn't just purchase AR from this site (not accusing.. just wondering.)

    Anyway.. glad you got your issue fixed.. but buyer beware.. Steam is terrible!


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