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Thread: weird brush/canvas roughness problem

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    weird brush/canvas roughness problem

    so here's a weird bug:
    With canvas "grain roughness" set to 2% or -2%, I get weird artifacts with the chalk/wax and pencil tools: Strange, regular, patterns of 100% pen pressure, that look blocky (see attached image). It doesn't happen 100% of the time for me (though it mostly does), and as far as i can tell it's only specifically those canvas grain roughness values that have a problem. 0% seems fine, as does 1 or 3%! It's obviously easily avoidable, and I only encountered it because I attempted to drag roughness to zero and "missed" by a couple of percent points (took me a while to figure out the connection though - I was worried for a while that the pressure sensitivity on my Cintiq was broken(!!!)). As far i can tell only pencil and wax are affected.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is in AR 64bit 4.5.4

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    i think i spoke too soon... although with a new painting, it seems that the problem only starts when setting roughness to 2%, in an existing file that had previously used the bad setting, i can't seem to get rid of the problem (even after trying a bunch of different roughness values). Ugh

    Now to figure out how to recover this painting....

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    Looks to me like the tools in question tend to pick up the grain more than other tools.. A couple of possible workarounds..

    #1 - Fill a layer with a very light grey (or any other color of your choice.. It didn't seem to be as pronounced to me then.

    #2 - Set your grain to 4 or 5... It seems the tools in question work fine there.

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    Hi daniel78
    I think what you are seeing has been noted before and is the result of a fairly rare combination of low tool pressure + low canvas texture.
    For now we just have to try and avoid those combinations and work around them.
    You can see a post from Matt on the subject here:
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    Thanks for the info! Yeah, seems pretty easy to avoid in the future by not using low grain values. But it was a bit weird that it seemed to have broken/corrupted the one painting where i'd previously had that low value set (such that i was still getting the artifacts even after I'd reset the grain settings to more reasonable values).

    I managed to "fix" it in this case, by exporting as a psd, and reimporting (luckily I hadn't been relying on any paint mixing, or any other artrage specific stuff - just doing straight-up digital style work)

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