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Thread: Yeah! My ArtRage course has 1K viewers so far!

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    Yeah! My ArtRage course has 1K viewers so far!

    I think this is a good sign. As of today my course has been viewed 1 thousand times by industry pros! This feedback says good things about ArtRage in a very specific market. The course was released on March 28, 2015 and today is April 17. The viewership acceptance curve is slightly steeper than my courses and I didn't expect that! I've been invited to do another course for Digital Tutors (contract approved) on how to illustrate materials with the ArtRage toolset. Fun, fun, fun.

    Oh. Here is a link:

    ArtRage4.5.9 MACPRO (El Capitan), Wacom Cintiq 13HD, iPad3, Note 4, Wacom Intous & Nomad Brush Compose.
    ArtRage Courses: Intro to AR, Materials in AR, Portraits in AR (

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    good news! I think more courses like yours will really push Art Rage into new markets and new audiences , Congrats!

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    Best wishes. Enjoy the ride.
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