So recently I was hanging out with some friends in a Google hangout and had an unusual occurrence, I was asked what software I was using, as the UI is particularly different than most it is really not so uncommon a question for me. What I found odd was that when I told them what I was using, and started to answer their questions as to why I was using it over X Y or Z, one of them said "What do you work for them or something???". I was a bit taken aback by the question, and answered them honestly that no I did not, to which they said it seemed like I was trying to sell people on it or something. I really didn't and still don't understand this line of thinking from some people. If someone is excited about something they like why wouldn't you be happy for them, and further if you know people asked to know why one thing over another would you think to accuse them of trying to sell something?

This all got me thinking that perhaps there is something deeper to be gleaned from this, is doing something in a different way that frightening? Are people so insecure that I should have to take care of how I am seen?

These questions interest me because I have found in my lifetime that I have always been doing things different than others, and have often been shunned for it by many others. In areas other than art I could understand, you can only walk a bit odd so long before a police officer is going to end up stopping you and asking if you are on drugs or something (don't walk like you are from a cartoon, they will stop you). Here in the world of art though, there is no wrong way, just different, why would people become literally offended for doing it different?

Ultimately it doesn't matter so much to me what others think, because I have reasons for doing things the way that I do, most of them revolve around the fact that it works for me. I have been very successful in my life living the odd way that I do, making art in an odd way, and now using an odd choice of software that isn't the industry standard (yet). I really wanted to share this thinking and thoughts with you all because I think it very clearly illustrates an important point that all of us as artists should keep in mind, "There is no 'wrong' way, only the right way for you". So in all that you do, do it for you, and as long as it is working keep with it, one day your way might end up being the 'right' way that everyone is trying to do.

All that said, has anyone else ever had a time where people thought you were doing something different and were questioned heavily on it? How did you respond? What did you learn from it?

I learned that people are often very insecure and will accuse someone who is confident of pushing their beliefs on them. I feel we should always be learning from everything and sometimes things like this need to be shared so we can all learn from it.

- Delo