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Thread: Workflow shortcuts

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    Workflow shortcuts

    So having spent years working in Photoshop/Painter, and other softwares I've come to find a workflow that really helps me achieve the results I'm looking for, and while everyone's results and workflows are different; there are a few things I'd like to share that I've learned along the way.

    Use your shortcut toggles, many of these we use commonly such as color picker (hold Alt) and tap to select a color (or tap and hold to carefully pick from a collection of colors) to get any color from your canvas, but many of the ones we don't think of nearly as often are zoom and canvas positioning controls. Spacebar allows you to quickly reposition the canvas but did you know that if you hold it AND Alt down you can rotate the canvas? Spacebar + Shift held gives you zooming! Between these simple toggles you can reposition, rotate, and scale your paintings quickly and efficiently (in a very analog and traditional manner) to quickly position the canvas where you need (this actually feels faster, smoother, and a bit more intuitive than using my Intuos Pros' touch input capabilities). Another very useful pair of toggles is the horizontal and vertical quick flips, H and V respectively, as they let you quickly see your painting from a different angle quickly and get a fresh look at it from a different angle, I've found this to be invaluable in my workflow improving my ability to self edit as I'm painting (rather than waiting till the end of my session and makes notes, which I still do but for a different reason).

    Next up is using the toolbox, oftentimes we aren't making use of it, and throwing your color palette into the toolbox along with a few tools and going into workbench mode really cleans up the visual space and improves your workflow and keeps the clutter to a minimum. These are all things that are part of the software and are widely advertised, but I would venture not used by as many of us as we tend not to think about the process we use and are busy messing with tools and settings (luckily there aren't too many to distract us from what we are creating here in ArtRage, as opposed to many other softwares I've used where it's easy to get lost in settings and tweaks to get that specific look we are trying to obtain).

    The last workflow productivity tip I can give is to try to develop a workflow that doesn't require a ton of layers (most clients I have don't really care if I have a bunch of layers only that I'm able to efficiently edit anything they want without compromising the look), this is the biggest workflow shortcut I have. I use one to two active painting layers most of the time, with 2 other layers designed for very specific purposes (one I set to blend mode: Color filled with Black to effectively desaturate my image for verifying value relationships, and one layer devoted to note taking). This allows me the capability to make the layer "dry" and work wet paint over the dry without dragging colors around and feels very much like stepping away to let the paint dry a bit before working on it some more (without all the waiting and clean up between layers of color), this also lets me utilize the bump modes on the layers to build up impasto effects very much like I would in traditional.

    Each person has their own workflow, and these tips can be customized to your style of painting, providing you with a cleaner smoother workflow that will allow you a great deal of variety of application. The last time is very largely optional, but the benefits are huge in becoming more confidant in your application while maintaining the ability to utilize a variety of techniques without sacrificing the benefits of digital or traditional, confidant strokes and usage of your paint makes you far more efficient than being able to adjust every last detail in a painting (though if you need the layers and groups you can use them by all means, and on occasion I am requested by clients to do just that).

    Good luck and I hope these tips help you out!

    - Delo

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    Great tips Delo.. Thanks!

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