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Thread: Question/Suggestion regardign Saving/Exporting

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    Question/Suggestion regardign Saving/Exporting

    When I save (well, export I guess) files in let's say png or jpg I never get any saving options. Let's take Photoshop for instance, there (and actually in MOST graphics related packages and viewers) you get many options like quality, options related to color saving, gamma, etc. Why don't we have any in AR? Is it some kind of "AR knows better" scheme or what?

    I bet right now it always saves in max quality, max colors, etc. The problem with that is I always have to convert files manually if I want them in less size or quality. Like I 1. save 2. convert. It would save me some time if AR simply had options when saving/exporting, like other proggies.
    (and for this I bet people will say that "why make it all more complicated". I say "for people who dont use it now, NOTHING will change, since save can always be saved in max quality, as it is now")

    That's it. My suggestion. Well, kinda

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    Thanks for the suggestion! Variable jpg quality is just not something we had implemented so far, although it is in our big list of suggestions to look through
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