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Thread: Is there an equivalent to photoshop's "Flow" dynamic in ArtRage

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    Is there an equivalent to photoshop's "Flow" dynamic in ArtRage

    So, so far I'm loving the feel of ArtRage, much nicer to draw in than photoshop. However, I would love to know how to use something equivalent to photoshop's "Flow" which is essentially opacity but uniquely useful because further strokes don't cause overlapping darkness. This allows for some extremely smooth blending techniques.
    If someone could direct me how to do this, that would be great! Checked the manuals and they didn't provide any insight on this particular matter.

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    It depends on the tool you are using, if you are using the pencil tool adjust the pressure setting to cause the opacity to be reduced and build up over time. For the Sticker Spray tool turn on AutoFlow then open Spray Variation and adjust the pen pressure alpha setting to low (8 to 10%) this will give you an airbrush style effect that is what the flow control actually does in photoshop (controls the rate at which the brush is applied, spacing affects this as well).

    There are ways to achieve a similar effect with most other tools as well, I suggest playing around with many of those (ink pen has an opacity control). It's difficult to achieve the exact same effect as flow but it's also very hard to get the full benefit of flow in Photoshop as well (it's not a change in the actual opacity or saturation of a color as you get by adjusting the opacity controls, but instead an actual rate adjustment, which is extremely different and means that colors overlaid with the two dynamics end with different results). Good luck and I hope this helps.

    - Delo

    Edit: Airbrush automatically comes with flow and opacity controls. Where Pressure = Flow, and Opacity = whether the color is diluted with alpha information or not.

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