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Thread: Colouring for adults

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rondo View Post

    Looking at some of these patterns for coloring, I think some of them would make excellent patterns for canvases. Going to try some of them

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    Coloring for adults

    Very nice app for iPad users - download the free Pigment app

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    If coloring books is your hobby i recommend nice phone app, i've found it ystrday -
    Is very nice way to be relaxed... colouring is great!

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    Hi guys! I want to know the techniques of adult coloring. Can anyone help me? I am very excited for coloring pages because it is a stress reliever activity for children and adults. So i am on the search for various topics as kids coloring, mermaid coloring, Dragon Eye painting and much more.

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    My sister in law does this kind of stuff. She is very kind on the inside but extremely GRUFF on the outside and people fear her. She has a lot on her shoulders and I admire her greatly. This is not my kind of thing but I have a great appreciation for it. Check out the artist Kirby Rosales. He has new books for coloring that just came out if you are itching for something challenging, different and definitely beautiful. Glad to see so many responses on this thread. I thought this forum was a ghost town.:-)

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