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Thread: ArtRage 4.5 constantly crashing after new graphics card

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    ArtRage 4.5 constantly crashing after new graphics card

    Hi, I had a new graphics card in my computer yesterday and this morning ArtRage keeps crashing on me. I get the message that it has stopped working and will re-start. I'm using windows 10 technical preview but it was working fine with that before I needed the new card - which is more powerful than the old one. Could this be a driver issue and if so, does anyone know what I do to resolve it please?

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    That doesn't sound good! We haven't approved ArtRage on Windows 10, as it's not officially finished yet, but if it was working fine then you're probably right in suspecting the graphics card. That doesn't rule out some additional complications due to Win10, though.


    What graphics card is it?
    Do you know if the graphics card drivers work properly on Windows 10?
    Are you seeing problems with anything else?

    What version of ArtRage are you running? (4.5.4? Earlier?)
    What happens when ArtRage crashes?
    Is ArtRage crashing randomly, or at the same point?

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