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Thread: My Oil Brush Presets

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    Brilliant thanks

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    Recently found this wonderful ArtRage 5.5, so I'm at the beginning. Very familiar with Photoshop and Painter, and ArtRage is now my current focus, discovery stage. Was recommended to try your brushes. Thank you so much for sharing. LindaG

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    they are probably the most basic brush presets I could make while focusing on very specific effects that are all different enough from each other to provide me a quick range of different effects that apply to my process. If you would like to know more about my process of using these brush presets I will be making a video on Youtube on it in a couple months, I'm developing a script for it after I finish my current landscape painting in which I will have a demonstration painting scripted during each 'pass' of my process and will put some commentary regarding the what and why. (probably something simple like a pear. . . because you can never go wrong with a pear shape)

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