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    Wink My Oil Brush Presets

    I just jumped on the ArtRage scene recently as I have absolutely fallen in love with this program, never encountered such an excellent traditional media emulator in all my years, I've been dreaming of this kind of program since I was 10 and playing around in the early stages of Adobe Photoshop with a mouse on a computer. I couldn't imagine it ever getting as close as this program has come. All that being said I spent the past 2 days customizing my Oil Brush Presets, trying to optimize them for the kind of workflow I like to use.

    They are numbered based on my general approach to painting, and generally move from thinner paints to thicker as I move into later stages of painting. Two of them are marked as 4, that's because that's the phase in which I alternate between them. I am constantly adjusting their size on the fly by holding Shift and dragging my stylus to adjust their size so I don't pay much thought to saving them with size in mind on my presets. The last brush gives me an effect very similar in feel to painting Alla Prima with a no thinners brush with a large Filbert, adjusting it's size you can get down to details with it and then swapping to the 4 Hard you can really get in and detail a painting out and do full paintings with just it and the 4 and a Palette knife or two. I don't have any Palette Knife settings to share as I've not got that to feel like how I use my traditional palette knife as of yet, but I'm working on it slowly, much more slowly as I don't do too much with a knife outside of mixing my colors on a palette.

    Customizing ArtRage is such a pleasure and joy to do, it's simple powerful tools react very predictably if you understand the settings available and provide a very authentic painting experience. I hope you like these brush settings, included in the name of each brush is a minor note to myself as to it's base settings to allow for quick changes if you know what you need to adjust.

    Edit: for some reason my link failed, but I'll figure out some way to get them up here for everyone

    1 Block in (Soft, Thin).prs
    2 Build Up (Firm, Tacky).prs
    3 Broken Color (Stiff, Thick).prs
    4 Hard (Stiff, Round, Thick).prs
    4 Texturer (Stiff, Dry, Tacky).prs

    - Delo
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