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Thread: ArtRage has frozen and i havent saved my work! help please

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    Question ArtRage has frozen and i havent saved my work! help please

    Is there any way to try and unfreeze artrage or to save my work, iv got really far on my drawing and it just froze on me when i was moving a stencil and now my mouse just goes under the boxes. I really dont want to have to do everything over again. This has never happened to me before

    Any suggestions?

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    Hey there! Oooer, that doesn't sound good. I'll state upfront that there's probably nothing that can be done. It's possible ArtRage will try and autosave a backup/crash recovery file when it's stopped, but you won't know if that worked until it's too late. You can try taking a screenshot so that you have something.

    This could be either a tablet driver issue (my first guess), or a straightforward 'out of memory and resources' issue. Or some other, very unusual, bug.

    We can try and figure out the problem in case it happens again (though I know that doesn't help you with this painting).

    What OS and edition of ArtRage do you have?
    Are there black boxes around the menus?
    Can you minimise ArtRage? Do other things on the computer?
    If you open task manager, is the memory usage for ArtRage stuck on one number? Is it very high?

    And of course, it's always worth checking whether you have the latest driver version for your tablet.

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