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Thread: Keyboard shortcut to toggle auto-clean on/off?

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    Keyboard shortcut to toggle auto-clean on/off?

    Pretty self explanatory - I find when using the oil brush I often switch between auto-clean on vs off, depending on the strokes I am putting down, blending etc... Since I work with one hand on my keyboard and one hand using the wacom, I to try and keybind everything possible as it greatly speeds up workflow. Was wondering if it's possible to somehow keybind or otherwise set up a shortcut for toggling auto clean on/off?

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    Hello edzstudio
    Sadly not that I know of
    On a side note; you can set a keyboard short cut for 'Clean Brush', to instantly clean your brush instead of using the screen icon of the little water jar that is displayed when Auto Clean is Off.
    Actually I would say setting this shortcut is a must if you are working in Workbench mode with AC "Off" as in this mode the cleaning jar icon is currently not accessible.
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    Yeah I have the "clean brush" action bound to a shortcut which is ok, but it's annoying to either hit it after every stroke when I want that clean brush look, or toggle auto clean on from the panel. Not a big deal though, I've already keybound almost everything else that I use frequently.

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