Hi, I'm Kenthos and just joined the the fourm. I was looking for advice and was hopping this place would have some ideas.
I got a letter today and in it, my friends made a trading card set that was based on some of the silly stuff we do. I being a little bit better and drawing, I want to print out some real higher quality cards and return the favor. These crayoned cards will now be one of my prize possessions and I wanted to go all out to return it.

So what I wanted advice on is, I kinda want it to be like a real card. So would you know what size to print them?

Then I wanted some kind of plastic over it or something to make the paper last. I don't have a lamination machine. Is there a easy plastic sheet I could stick to it? Also I wanted to fake a rare shiny card, so any ideas there? I almost wondered if I could get glossy paper for it and apply a glittery color over the printed ink? Maybe apply the glitter to the plastic over it?

Looking for ideas thanks