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Thread: Pressure Sensitivity -- correct media

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    Pressure Sensitivity -- correct media

    All -- I like the quality of the marks left by the oil and water color brushes. But varying the pressure for these brushes merely thickens or thins the line, it does not change the darkness. Is there a way to make these brushes leave a fainter line when less pressure is applied? The pencil and pastel tools make darker lines with greater pressure. But they have a grainier texture. I prefer the smooth marks from the brushes.

    Also, how do you guys blend when using pencil? The palette knife leaves nasty streaks.


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    I had the same problems blending with the pencil until someone pointed me in this direction:

    You can make a fainter line by playing with the brush settings, mainly thinners, but also pressure, and stiffness. I guess they all make a difference it's just a case of experimenting with them.

    Hope this helps. I'm sure some others will be along with more tips for you.

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    You can do this with the sticker spray brushes i.e. have pressure affect opacity but not with the real media tools.
    As AR aims to replicate real world paint this is possibly a good thing.
    In the real world brush or pencil pressure may well effect line width and/or the amount of media deposited onto a surface but it won't affect the actual opacity of said media. This is a inherent property of the media which can not be altered by the tool applying it.
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    You can do this by turning the hardness setting in the Airbrush all the way up (100 percent) and the pressure all the way down (0 percent). The airbrush varies the amount of spray based on pressure giving an opacity effect and the hardness turns it more into a hard brush.

    You may need to have a fast computer to cope with large airbrush sizes however, so for these cases I created a standard soft round brush using the sticker spray (with the brush just as a filled circle) and as has been said in the comments above you can alter the opacity response (alpha setting). I have found it a little difficult to get the exact opacity response this way however (very light pressure still marks too much) and generally have to change my stylus settings to a firm response.

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    Try increasing Thinners on the Oil Brush (plus everything said above).

    There are also two tools that allow you a couple of extra stylus options that are similar to what you're looking for in the desktop edition:

    • Watercolours let you link pressure to Thinners or Colour Bleed (which tends to make them more transparent when you press down)
    • Felt Pen lets you link Wetness, so it changes from light, patchy lines to a solid thick line (see image below).

    Turn these on by going to (tool) Settings > click the little arrow at the top > Set Stylus Properties > Add Setting

    Click image for larger version. 

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