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Thread: Albert Root: Commemorative Feature

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    Nov 2013

    Albert Root: Commemorative Feature

    Hey guys, we'd like to do a feature in memory of Albert Root (screenpainter/ gzairborne). He was a major part of the community, and so we'd like to involve everyone.

    A lot of you have been sharing memories in this thread. Would you mind posting a memory, or a favourite work of his, for inclusion in the article? If we get enough responses, we'll post it next Wednesday (ish, depending on timezones).

    This will be a public feature obviously, but you're also welcome to send in stuff to [email protected] instead.

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    It is great Albert! Congrats ;)

    I think he'd be glad to hear that Hannah. He was not only obviously very talented but very supportive as well, a real gent.

    Since I do love portraits I'd like to remember him with this one. I never had the chance to tell him but I do it now, It is great Albert! Congrats

    Name:  portrait_little_rose_by_gzairborne.jpg
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    That's what art's about, isn't it -- at some point it's about the relationship between the art and the viewer, sort of like speed dating. (D Akey)

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    I'm grateful for the opportunity to further remind Albert great artistry and human personality. He's always been a warm, gentle and encouraging friend providing congratulations and suggestions of any kind, with a frank and benign care for both Your art, Your person and Your drivers to help Your own awareness and insight as only good friends dare to afford. This came from his genuine curiosity and interest for both art and persons, both disciplines where he had a deep knowledge and a simple and direct communication.
    I remember gratefully of some of his observations and suggestions to correct figures proportions provided in respectful way for my consideration and he was evidently right as I could easily realize. A great lesson to found Your pride in Your ability to accept to constantly improve and not on an illusory achievement.
    This tribute is due, but, honestly, quite moving for anyone of the old guard attending this Forum as long as myself and even more (it seems a lifetime indeed), having seen so many mates and friends appear and disappear, like generations of people in history. Only few existed and still stay and stand like mountains or ancient redwoods, the Artrages Elves somehow and Albert Root is one of them, and elvish hero with different names fell in a battle, but with a timeless spirit and immortal nature.

    No single artpiece can condense an artistic personality embracing any genre and interest, but I would attach herebelow an unfinished, experimental sort of portrait where Cézanne and Matisse joined into marvellous unicum enlighting and interacting with so many artists of the last century I can hardly list completely. Other masterpieces I like very much are New Oil Experiment, Hair Down and Still Life You may find in his gallery.

    So long, dear Albert, I hope You enjoyed my miserable words, my sentiments and feelings from wherever You're living now, in delight, I'm sure.
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    I have been away from the forum for too long. I have missed Albert's passing entirely. I am grieved to hear of this loss. He was, insofar as I knew him, a very kind man.
    Be well,

    "Teach, Learn, Thrive"~DM

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    I agree Fashmir, too long away and a real shock to read this news. He was such a talented and supportive part of the ArtRage family and as others have already said, always a perfect gent. He will certainly be missed by me.

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    I tried to find GZ’s (Albert’s) painting from his series done, I think in AR3, of a tree in thick impasto layers,
    with deep, rich blue night sky, and varied coloured spots of lights showing through the branches.
    I was awed by that painting and wanted to use that one as a representation for him.
    I could not find it in his Gallery or anywhere, so finally tried checking all his posts.

    I was overwhelmed by the astonishing number of gently encouraging comments he’d made.
    For these, in my mind, I honoured him.

    And it dawned on me that the amazing list of comments was, for me,
    the best picture that could represent Albert Root.

    When I realized Albert Root was our GZ, at first I thought it was a mistake,
    that perhaps GZ aka Gzairborne aka Screenpainter aka Albert Root,
    was simply in the process of changing to a new identity once again.

    And so he is.

    Hin's Paintings:

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    I am so saddened to hear this morning of Albert's passing. For a number of years we shared so many wonderful exchanges in this forum. Albert was consistently, always, warm, inviting, considerate, smart, a bright light constructively engaged with his compatriots here. His artwork was suburb. Lima's tribute compilation is moving, somehow capturing the heart of a wonderful soul who will be sorely missed by those who loved him. Rest in peace Albert. Thank you for having always been an inspiration and caring friend.

    And, thank you Lima for the moving, beautiful, tribute and compilation. And thank you Hannah for this thoughtful idea to honor one of our dear friends.

    -- Love to all my old friends here. Byron
    Appreciation fosters well-being. Be well.
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    I remember when I joined the newly AR Forum, Albert was one of the people who guided me in my early learning tools AR. Really a great person and great artist.
    Buen viaje amigo!!!
    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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    Just to let people know; we're nearly ready to post this, but as people are still sharing, we were holding off until people have had a chance to add something.

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    OMG ! I just found this post.I've been away too long I guess. So sad he was a great contributor to the forums, and an allround nice guy .
    Just say: "Rage It", because we already know it's art.

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