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Thread: Art Rage for Android perfect!

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    Art Rage for Android perfect!

    Just want to thank u for such a great program for the android OS. So far it works perfectly, a real graphics program for android and my s pen works as well with android as it does in windows using Art Rage.

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    That's awesome! We're really glad to hear you like it so much!

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    I just started using AR for Android recently too. I'm astounded at how great a mobile app it is. I'm sure I'll come back with suggestions, but just a quick note to say my initial feedback is WOW, WOW, AND WOW. It is amazing how well it has been translated for use on mobile devices. Knocks my socks off right out of the box.
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    Thread with bunches of my AR paintings-conversations. Here

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    I just downloaded Artrage for Android, I like it very much but there needs to be some improvements like rotating the canvas clockwise or counterclockwise would be real nice, when your tracing something that little tracing window that pops up it would be nice if it stayed up and then you can tap it to close it and then when I'm tracing something and I'm using the default tracing pencil when I draw a curved line shortly after that it kind of straightens out a little bit that needs to be fixed then when I choose not to use the default pencil and u something else then it's fine.

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