Hi all,
Long time.....wo I have been very busy over the last 2 years writing 4 Scifi books and then making a movie of the first book. I used ArtRage for some of the space art backgrounds and added that to the credits.

Being new to 3d animation (OMG), I chose iClone Pro to make the movie as it was more affordable and seemed easier to deal with and learn. Then, I needed 2 new MSI laptops to handle it....whew. Anyway the movie has been released and is on Youtube if any of you like Scifi. It is 1 hour long. It took over 1 year to make and with a budget of $10,000. That covered everything. As I started the movie I then began to learn all of the programs and purchasing props/models and all as I could afford it....doh. It ain't Hollywood class Bro but it isn't too bad for a beginner. I created the movie by myself which was somewhat mind boggling....LOL My skill level improved over the year so the last part is better quality...still there were some un-dealable problems. Doh! A few hard drive crashes and lotsa stuff lost and redoing.....thu pains. hehe Anyway, ArtRage has made it so much easier for me to add my own Space Art backgrounds, YEA!

Oh, if you want to buy the E-books; they are on all bookstores on the web: "The Universe vs" by Robert R. Howle That helps me buy needed computers and software updates and better props and characters and such to continue with the next movie Vol 2.. "Pirates of the Multiverse"

I trust all are well, I just read about Albert,,,,so sad. I will miss him. I have also missed all of you a lot but my movie project was fulltime.

Here is the movie: