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Thread: i just read about Albert Root R I P

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    i just read about Albert Root R I P

    was just on FB and i read there that Albert Root passed away;( R I P
    ALbert was the founder of the FB Artrage page
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    Just heard myself. I wondered what happened to him. So he went to FaceBook then. Quite a legacy to have founded the page.

    I was trying to recall what he called himself when he was first on this site before he became ScreenPainter.

    Anyway, Albert seemed passionate about many things. Rest In Peace, friend, and bon voyage.

    Found it -- gzairborne was what he went by in these forums before he changed to screenpainter. . . not that it matters to anyone but me, but there ya go.
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    Wow, what happened? Very sad.

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    Screenpainter! Sad when people die. Yeah it's a part of life but I always think why.

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    I was extremely fond of Albert!!!... better known to me as Gz.

    May he rest in peace. I wish I knew a little more about him now... like where he came from, where he lived, who he was etc. Anyway, I remember he made some fine paintings - so he was a real artist.

    RIP Albert Root.

    PS I haven't been around myself for ages. I was alerted by phishing attempts to get into my account.
    I've been seriously getting back into real media again. Still love this software, and miss the nice forum. Must find some time to participate once again soon...

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    Albert was one of the people who made this place so welcoming when I first started coming here, it's sad news.

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    Dear friends... sad is for those who remain,for the ones who leave us is a different story, a new adventure. Now Screenpainter has his divine tilt recognition, may his efforts be inspiration for us all.
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    Rest in peace

    That's what art's about, isn't it -- at some point it's about the relationship between the art and the viewer, sort of like speed dating. (D Akey)

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    Prayers and a tribute to a dear artist friend

    GZ, Screenpainter, Albert, however we knew him, he was such a great guy and mate in here! That's really a new I would have not liked to read or hear! It's an heartbreaking one indeed. Such a warm, artful personality and dearest friend from the very beginning in here! It's an unexpected, depressing surprise, since he wasn't that old so I cannot even guess how it ever happened.

    Dear friend, I remember I was so proud in my early days here to learn that You appreciated my funny portrait of You, which I dare to attach here with a tear of mine and draped in the mourning of us all.
    I pray for You and wish You a peaceful rest and a joyful stay in Heaven, buddy, and may You paint forever your marvellous creations where you are now!
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