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Thread: Spray On Foliage

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    Spray On Foliage

    I saw a post by Victor Osaka yesterday ( where he suggested using the Sticker Spray tool for producing random leaf effects for trees. Which got me thinking and then to experimenting...
    The results of which I thought I would share with the rest of the forum in the form of an ARpack of presets for "spray on" foliage.
    Download Link for ArtRage4 and above:
    Download Link for ArtRage3 users:

    The download contains an ARpack of Sticker Spray presets for producing random colour and foliage effects that can be "sprayed on".
    But I'm afraid you will have to provide your own trunks and branches for spraying onto!
    Note; these presets are only for producing the suggested form and shades found in foliage, so don't use actual leaf images.

    The Presets.
    The main difference between the presets is the brush head used in each.
    They are in two sets, though the only difference between the two sets is that Foliage Spray 3D has 'Shadows' turned on by default.
    All the Sticker Sheets used by the sprays are from brushes included with AR4 so once the presets in the ARpack are loaded they should work.

    Suggested Use.
    "Heavy" sprays have a high spray rate and are for quickly building up an overall silhouette of the foliage and blocking in form. Dark colours are probably best used for this stage.
    "Light" sprays have a lower spray rate and used for refining the foliage forms. As you refine the forms use successively lighter colours, finally finishing with the highlights.
    I made these presets using a tablet & pen so they do use pressure sensitivity to effect size.

    I must confess I had a great deal of fun messing about with these and I hope others have fun using them too.
    And should others come up with variations on these presets do share them!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow! I love these! Thanks!

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    Very cool package markw! Thanks for all your work. I just started a Cherry Blossom Tree and Walkway painting and they work really well.

    Important for everyone to learn and utilize the Spray Variations panel for stuff like this. Especially to randomize things like saturation, rotation, and scale.

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    Thanks for sharing these

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    An excellent and very skillfully produced resource; many thanks for sharing, it will come in very useful!

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    Thank you so much - I have downloaded and will have a play today. ArtRage has such generous members!

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    Thanks for all the work, Mark. I've nabbed this pack

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    Hey Markw,

    Thank you for these foliage presets.

    Every last one of them was used in the painting I created,
    trying them out.

    It's called Foliage, of course! Not quite ready to post it, though

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    Really glad people here are finding these presets fun and useful.
    Hinket, you have me intrigued "Used every last one" you say and all in the same painting!
    Can't wait to see what you've created!
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    These are really excellent. Thank you Mark.

    Visit my gallery here.


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