When making more technical or industrial design style drawings I like to set up my perspective guidelines. For the 2 point perspective lines, they need to extend beyond the canvas. Here is a simple SBP box shape. You can see the handles on either side and beyond the canvas.

In ArtRage we need something like these markers (handles/vanishing points/anchors) to identify the "off canvas" points. Markers that remain on the background.

Sure, I can draw these markers inside the canvas but that would make the object much too small. It is counter-intuitive IMO. It is maddening to have to crop in after I'm done. Only to realize after I've started that my resolution will be too low to crop.

Many times these markers need to be waaaay out beyond the canvas to get the proper perspective. Is there any way to put makers (and have them remain there) on the background beyond the canvas?