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Thread: Incremental backup.

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    Incremental backup.


    The current backup feature works well, however I have just been playing around with syncing my ArtRage paintings to Dropbox and have come across a problem.

    The backup feature seems to maintain GenA - GenZ naming convention with the lower letters in the alphabet representing the most recent saves. Therefore when a new save is made the old file is shifted to GenA and then the rest of the Gen files are shifted downwards.

    This has the side effect of updating the contents and the timestamps on the whole backup generation which would trigger the syncing of all the files.

    If you had been working on a long and large recorded piece and had been saving consistently, the total size of the generation batch could get quite large and take a while to upload. For example I have been working on some files that are around 100M up to a letter of GenS, which means that 20 files will have changed, triggering an upload of 2Gigs on each save when the backup feature is turned on.

    To improve this issue, an additional backup type could be added for a more incremental naming convention, for example adding a menu option in the File menu called "Save A Copy". It could function in a similar way to that of Picasa, in that it places the first save in a file name appended with -001, with subsequent saves incrementing the number.

    The current backup system could stay, but with this addition you could have a wider choice of backup method. I would picture a shortcut key being added so I could assign this to my tablet express key replacing the current normal save.

    1. Unlimited backups.
    2. Only a single file will be synced to the cloud on each save.
    3. (in my opinion) The naming convention makes more sense with the appended number functioning almost like a version number.

    1. The latest painting will be appended with a number based on the number of saves made which maybe is not as clean as maintaining the original filename.

    Ok, that is it!


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    Hi RedSaucers,
    I don't think that mammoth backup scenario will happen to you if you have Dropbox already running when you start saving your work.
    I've used Dropbox for some time with AR as backup space for important files (in case something bad happens to my Hard Drive!) and Dropbox will register a name change for versions A, B, C, D, E, etc… but that's all it dose with them as nothing else within those files has actually changed. These files normally only takes a few seconds to sync.
    What dose take some time to upload at each save is the current working version.

    Just reread you post, are you saying if you made lots of saves while Dropbox wasn't running and AR still hadn't reached it's limit for making backups? Then yes all those new saves would need to be uploaded as effectively you've added more files to the folder. But the earlier ones that Dropbox was aware of would only have had their names changed during the backup process and so would not be re-uploaded, I think...
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    I am starting save my ArtRage paintings on to a usb drive and was playing around with syncing to Dropbox from this drive. Dropbox only allows you to sync from a Dropbox folder which I have on my main disk, so I was playing around with an FTP client by syncing directly to Dropbox through its API. It is this method that seems not to detect that a file has just been renamed and just uploads all changes!, even though as advertised it looks as though the file and folder move / rename detection should actually work.

    On investigation it does seem that Dropbox gets this right in that it detects a rename and must just perform a server move command so minimizing any upload.

    I have decided to solve my usb drive syncing to dropbox by using Boxifier, which allows external drives to be synced through Dropbox, which does just take a matter of a couple of minutes.

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