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Thread: Washed out appearance -- ?

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    Washed out appearance -- ?

    I am working on a sketch. I drew it the way I always do using the pencil tool. But when I lay in the color, the color is washed out. Solid black looks like a light gray. The problem persists regardless of the media: pencil, oil paint, or water color. I have the Thinner levels very low, so I know that the issue isn't the consistency of the paint. And when I save the image and open a new canvas, the colors are correct -- nice and rich and dark. Any idea what's going on? I did use a layer just to check dimensions, but I deleted the layer and, I believe, am working directly on the original image. Cutting and pasting the drawing does not resolve the problem.


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    The only time I've seen anything like that was when I had a tracing layer in the file. Do you have one in there?

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    Yep, sounds like there's a tracing image active.

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    to see your actual colours. turn off visibility of your trace image.

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