Hello ArtRage team:

[Also to Forum members who would also like to see this tool ... please speak up!]

I would love it if the eyedropper tool had a second mode (e.g. hold down a key to engage) where instead of replacing the existing color with the target at 100%, the original color is mixed with the target, based on a present ratio, e.g. % target pickup.

Example 1: You have two colors on the screen and want to paint with an exact average. Use the normal dropper on one color, and with the partial dropper set at 50% use the partial dropper to grab a sample of the second color. Voila. No need to mix on a separate area or on scrap.

Example 2: You are painting a grey wall against a yellow tennis-ball. You want to pick up some of the yellow of the ball to paint on the wall where the color is exactly between the grey of the wall and the yellow of the ball. Grey is the current color. You use the partial eyedropper to grab 50% of the target yellow, and your new color is the result of 50% target yellow and 50% grey which was the previous color. You then can paint with the perfect middle color where you want. Now suppose you want to ratchet that middle color more toward grey, then just use the partial dropper on the grey area again... now the resulting color will the halfway between the new color and grey.. or 75% grey 25% yellow. Keep in mind how the partial dropper is used will also depend on the set %. If only subtle movement towards the target color is desired, the tool could be set to a small % like say 15%.

I think such a tool would be simple to implement, simple to operate, and would be a very useful tool to employ while painting. Putting combined colors at an artist's immediate convenience.