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Thread: Surface Pen Lag/Click recognition problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattRage View Post
    Which wintab driver are you installing? I've used the nTrig driver without any problems. One other thing to note is that uninstalling ArtRage does not clear the preferences, resetting preferences via the prefs panel should revert the application to its original state. Because ArtRage doesn't do anything at a system level there's no reason that resetting prefs wouldn't reset all relevant tablet IO behaviour to exactly the same state it was when it was working so, while I don't like to sound like I'm trying to shift blame, it does sound like something in one of the other utilities you installed has left something resident after uninstall that is interfering with stylus input.
    Hi Matt! Thanks for the preferences tip!

    I'm using the Wintab 64-bit driver. Could that be the culprit? Do you perhaps have a link to the one you are using?

    And it doesn't sounds like you are shifting blame at all I think you are probably right! I just can't figure out what is causing it
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