Some of the main FAQs about the ArtRage Touch mobile app.

Is ArtRage Touch a mobile or a desktop program?

ArtRage Touch is designed for use on tablets. It can also run on the Modern UI (Start Menu) interface of Windows 8 desktop computers, but wasn't designed for the desktop. Due to the way the Windows App Store Works, we can't limit it to touch devices.

I can run the desktop environment on my tablet. Do I need ArtRage Touch?

Nope! If you can run the full ArtRage 3 or ArtRage 4 programs on your tablet, then you don't need ArtRage Touch. The app is designed for those users that can't run desktop programs at all. You can install ArtRage Touch as well, if you like, but it is a much smaller program.

Canít install or run ArtRage Touch from the Windows App Store
If you're getting an error trying to install ArtRage Touch, or it has suddenly stopped working, this is probably an issue with your account. Either you need to update your licencing information to match the Windows Store, or it's having trouble connecting to the store. There are a few things you can do to fix this.

Canvas rotation in the ArtRage Mobile apps
The ArtRage Mobile apps don't support touch based canvas rotation, as there are other ways to rotate the canvas.