A quick round up of the common questions and problems for ArtRage for Android owners (or would-be owners).

Canít validate ArtRage for Android or asked to pay again from Google Play Store
If you get an error telling you that the application is not licenced, this is probably because you need an active wifi connection the first time you use the app (to verify the purchase), or the Play Store app isn't storing your purchase data correctly.

Can I transfer or get a refund for an app store purchase?
Covers refunds, purchases from different app stores and multiple devices with the same app store.

ArtRage not showing up in the Samsung Apps store
ArtRage won't appear in versions of the app store that came out before ArtRage did. Update to the latest version (GALAXY Apps) and ArtRage should show up.

ArtRage for Android Supported Stylus Features
What stylus features does ArtRage for Android support? Quite a lot!

Canvas rotation in the ArtRage Mobile apps
The ArtRage Mobile apps don't support touch based canvas rotation, as there are other ways to rotate the canvas.

Why is there a gap between my stylus point and the stroke appearing?
This gap is the projected area of your next stroke. ArtRage uses live calculations for your strokes, so needs to wait until you've moved on before it can finish.