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    Newbie How to


    I love ArtRage. I am just using the demo, but I know that I will buy it, I can spend hours working with it. It is so much fun.

    I would like to know how to get edges to meet. Let me explain. Think of black lines like in bingo with 9 boxes. Each box has a different color divided by a black line. The tool that I was using was oil paint. So the black line was created with the black brush. In the boxes, all I did was use the fill tool and added various colors that I like. I actually like the results, however the fill stops just before getting to the black lines, so it is actually the color in the box, the black and a very slight showing of white between the fill and the black line.

    In order to get rid of the white I started painting with a black brush. Since trying to get that small amount of black causes my hand to shake, I don't like the results.

    How can I get a nice clean black edge to cover the white space in between the fill and the black lines.

    I hope I am being clear.

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    It depends on your resolution too. If your res is too low you can get anti-aliasing issues which make it harder to get a good fill.

    You can play with the Spread percentage on the fill settings menu to help fill to the edges. You can also fill multiple times to help spread the colour.

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    Here is one way to accomplish what you want to do...Paint the black lines you describe on a separate layer above your colored fills. Size your brush for the width of line you want and hold down the shift key as you paint. The lines will be constrained to a straight line either vertically or horizontally.

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    Hi Punkin and welcome to the forums
    For my part, you can see how I usually do fills with line work in a post I made a while back, here:
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    Hi Victor Osaka, jmac, markw,

    Thank you so much!!! I will try the various suggestions shortly and will report back. I really appreciate your help. I am so excited about ArtRage I don't know what to do, it is so fun. Thanks for making it more fun.

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