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Thread: Fan art and monetization

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    Fan art and monetization

    Hello, the first is apologize for my bad English, I tried to find an appropriate subforum for this question and I also read the faq but I can't not find a clear answer.

    If I have a youtube channel and I want to upload my drawings process using Art Rage, Will I have any problems if I want to monetize the video?

    Can I show the interface of the program on my video?

    Greetings to all, a great software.

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    Hi Alex,

    I can't understand your meaning. I'm not sure what 'monetization' means in your use of the word.

    If you're asking whether you can do a video tutorial, post it on YouTube and then post a link to it back here, yes, people have done that.
    If you can't post a link, I believe there is a restriction written into the software that makes it a requirement to post a number of posts before you can post a link. But I'm afraid I didn't quite understand the question.

    If you're asking if you can sell your art here like on Deviant Art, and whether you can include the ArtRage interface in your advertising, you probably need to contact one of the administrators because that sounds like a business question. I could be wrong, because things change, but in the past they generally do not publicly have this a place where you can sell your work, or selling anything else, listing a price and so on. Again ask the admins.
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    Hi D Akey,

    Thanks for responding, I will try to explain the best I can about this particular case, damn language barrier...

    Imagine that I have a youtube channel.

    On that channel I upload videos of my drawings, recording the activity of my pc, recording the process of my drawing, since I start drawing until I finish drawing (10 mins), a speed painting for example.

    These drawings are created by me, but for create these drawings I used the software Art Rage, in the description of the video I write that software is Art Rage.

    Now imagine that I activate adsense in these videos for make money, the drawings of these videos are mine, but in the videos also appears occasionally the interface of the software Art Rage.

    What would happen in this case?

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    EDIT: Sorry, I misread that you were worried about ArtRage. I was focused on the 'fan art' bit in the title!

    Official answer: it's absolutely fine to show bits of ArtRage. In fact, we'd really like that. It would only be copyright infringement if you actually created another program using bits of ArtRage.


    If you had been asking about fan art, then read this answer :

    It's a fuzzy line. It's going to depend on what you're drawing, how closely it copies the source (or whether you put your own spin on it), and whose characters you are using.
    In most cases you should be absolutely fine, especially as you are monetising the drawing process, not selling the drawings themselves, but:

    1. Some companies are very litigious (e.g. Disney)
    2. Others don't care
    3. Others recognise Fair Use (which fan art falls under in most cases).

    My personal take is that you should be fine, unless you manage to draw something that really annoys Disney The worst that should happen is that your videos will be taken down again.

    Some useful reading:

    One company explicitly grants permissions to monetise videos (most companies don't have official published policies).

    " As an exception to this policy, fans are permitted to monetize web videos (such as YouTube) with advertisements, so long as those videos otherwise meet the requirements of this policy."

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    Hi Alex, I have artrage tutorials and I was monetising at one stage but gave up after google decided on their Content ID caper. I'm not giving them a cent!

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    Thank you all for responding, HannahRage's explanation made me understand, both questions, the policy of some companies about fan art and the use of Art Rage software.

    Greetings to all, by the way Art Rage is a good software for me, I come from traditional drawing on paper, I also painted a little watercolor, I thought drawing on graphics tablet would be very difficult and also learn the dynamics of software but Art Rage is intuitive with good choices and tools.
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