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Thread: Pairing Problems...

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    Pairing Problems...

    Hello, I'm trying to pair a Intuos Creative Stylus to ArtRage 4.5 on my iPad 4. My iPad doesn't' seem to be able to find it. It say they are compatible. I've tried the rebooting process and clearing all of the open programs, still nothing. I downloaded Bamboo Paper and it works great with the pen.

    What an I doing wrong?

    Thanks, Mike

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    Have you turned the stylus on in ArtRage's settings?


    1. Go to your iPad home screen and open the Settings app.
    2. Scroll down the list on the left until you see ‘ArtRage’ and tap it in the list.
    3. On the right you should now see product options including a ‘Bluetooth Stylus’ entry.
    4. Tap the stylus type (the default is No Stylus) and a list of available styluses appears.
    5. Tap the stylus you want to use (all Wacom styluses us the same one: Wacom Intuos Creative)
    6. The next time you open ArtRage it will look for the indicated stylus type.

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