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Thread: Marker suggestion

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    Marker suggestion

    Having been using real life art markers recently(Copic , Prismacolor etc) , i have noticed that the Artrage implementation seems to be a little lacking in the kind of effects you can achieve.
    Most noticeably, I have a very difficult time applying varying opacity/coverage during strokes. With the real-life counterparts it's very easy to do something like this(attached image) with quick "flicks" of the pen:

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    In Artrage it seems very difficult. By setting the brush wetness very low i can get some sensitivity to pen pressure, but it doesn't seem sensitive enough - i have to be very light and very deliberate to get a smooth(ish) fade on strokes.(which is the opposite of what i have to do in real life).
    Now, i'm not an ink-physicist(!), but i'm going to guess that with the real pens, the varying opacity is actually due to the speed of the stroke - the faster the pen moves, the less time ink has to seep onto the paper. It may or may not also be affected by the pen pressure.

    In Artrage, it would be nice if the markers could respond better to these factors - as I say, what I'm trying to achieve is being able to easily vary opacity/coverage within a stroke, and i'm not that bothered whether that's through a more sensitive/controllable response to pressure, or by opacity responding to stroke speed. (The latter might be pretty cool - but I obviously realise you can't simulate reality perfectly!).

    Anyway, one for the wishlist Awesome software - Just bought myself a Cintiq, and thought it was good time to try alternatives to see what suited me best (Manga Studio, Mischief etc.) but keep coming back to Artrage!

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    So i recently discovered (thanks to HannahRage's post on this thread: 48979-Pressure-Sensitivity-correct-media * ) that you can use "Set Stylus Properties" to link pen pressure to marker "Wetness". This mostly does what i wanted. Especially if I change the canvas/paper grain properties so the "dry" marker doesn't look so "patchy". I still can't easily do the "flicks" in my example above (don't know if that's artrage or limitations in stylus/tablet technology!), but it definitely gives me more control over mixing colors

    I still think linking wetness (or some other properties) to stylus movement speed might be cool - but no idea how feasible that is.

    (* the forum spam filter refuses to let me post actual links! )

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    Here's a link:

    And I'm glad you spotted that - I remembered reading this thread, but couldn't find it again.

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