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Thread: AR 4.5.4 - unwanted gradient on fills

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    AR 4.5.4 - unwanted gradient on fills

    When I fill a layer with color (paint bucket, airbrush, etc. - tool doesn't seem to matter) I keep getting a gradient / lighting from upper left.
    I've screen captured what I'm referring to and i'm not changing anything or using any special settings, only default settings. I did try to turn off canvas lighting to
    see if that made a difference and it didn't.

    Any thoughts on what I need to change or what I'm doing wrong?

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    That looks exactly like you're using the Gradient fill.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If that doesn't help... That IS the canvas lighting pattern, but that should disappear if you turn it off, and it's not usually that dramatic unless you're using metallics... which you don't seem to be.

    Just to doublecheck; you can toggle canvas lighting by pressing F5.

    • Is there any chance you're mixing paint with some existing paint?
    • Does this happen every time you try and paint in ArtRage, or is it just this painting that's off?
    • What happens if you export it as a JPG and have a look at it outside of ArtRage?
    • What operating system do you have?

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    gradient fixed...

    Hey Hannah,

    Here's some answers and an update...

    1: Wasn't using gradient.
    2: It was the canvas lighting. Although I had set it off on the drop down (nothing changed) but when I clicked F5 it turned it off.
    3: Not using metallics.
    4: It was the only paint on the canvas.
    5: It was happening every time I tried painting in AR.
    6: Hadn't tried exporting.
    7: Windows 7 Home Premium

    Anyway, just wanted to give you all that info so it might help but F5 fixed it for now.
    Thanks for the help!!!


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    Oh good, I'm glad that was solved.

    Which option where you using to turn off Canvas Lighting before? Both the option in Canvas Settings and F5 work here, but if something's not working at your end we need to look into that.

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