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Thread: Art Rage 4.5 intermittently stops

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    Art Rage 4.5 intermittently stops

    Windows 7 machine, 4 years old, Intel I7-2600 3.4 Gh, 12 GB ram with AMD Radeon HD6570 Graphics card

    Every minute or so Art Rages freezes for 1-5 seconds. During this time the various panels turn blank, and a "not Responding" message often appears in title bar of the Art Rage window.
    Any suggestions?


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    This could be:

    1. Drivers

    2. You're doing something demanding to the computer and it just doesn't like it.

    3. Something else.

    Can you try

    1. Going through the 'driver troubleshooting/updating' steps below

    2. If you can't figure out/fix it that way, can you let me know (here or via
    • The CPU in task manager when ArtRage freezes up (both for ArtRage and overall)
    • Whether it happens regularly regardless of what you're doing, or if you're performing something demanding like Transform
    • If you have any other programs running


    These cause a lot of weird issues, so it's always worth checking these. Note, I'm assuming a Wacom tablet, but just insert the relevant brand/website if it's not.

    1. Change the input settings in ArtRage. Sometimes ArtRage is getting conflicting information and only a certain combination of options will work.

    Open ArtRage and go to Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Input Settings.

    a. Make sure that Wintab is ON and Precise Tablet and RealTime Stylus are turned OFF.
    b. Restart ArtRage and test.
    c. If that doesn’t help, turn Wintab OFF and RealTime Stylus ON
    d. Restart ArtRage and test

    If the stylus does this in other programs, or if the ArtRage settings do not fix anything, try the following:

    2) Check your tablet drivers are up to date. These can cause all kinds of strange problems.

    To update your tablet drivers.
    a. Uninstall your current driver first (> Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs)
    b. Restart the computer
    c. Download and install the latest version from

    3) Turn off Windows Ink as it can interfere with other programs.

    a) Go to Start > Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Properties > Mapping tab
    b) Uncheck "Use Windows Ink" in the bottom left corner


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    Thanks for the prompt reply. It will take me a day or two to try these things
    The problem happens in Photoshop also, but less often--which makes me suspect drivers.
    It happens in Art Rage when I am doing more than using any of the drawing tools or the palette knife on a drawing with few marks.

    In Photoshop the WACOM pen often (once every 20-40 minutes) just freezes. I have to save my work and close PS with my mouse, stop and restart the WACOM services and then restart PS
    (This problem with the WACOM drivers that a few people have is widely reported on the Internet.)
    Again, this leads me to drivers.

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    Yep, that definitely sounds like drivers!

    Go forth and cleanse thy system

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