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Thread: forum use with Win8.1 virtual keyboard

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    forum use with Win8.1 virtual keyboard

    there is a strange problem when I access the forum with my win8.1 tablet. When I start a new posting and tap into the message area, the virtual keyboard appears and then almost instantly disappears. Starting to write is impossible that way, I thought. This does not happen, when I edit a post.

    Upon further investigation I found, that the editor has a problem, when the cursor sits at the very end of the text. All kind of strange things can happen.


    To start a post: tap into message area and when the virtual keyboard appears, try hard and often to enter at least one key as long as the keyboard is accessable. If you succeed, you can start a post.

    When editing a post: Try to have your cursor IN the text, never at the very end. Example: add a few space character and or a newline at the end and then move your cursor BEFORE that area. Yes, that adds a few more bytes to the post, but editing is possible that way.

    Btw. The mobile version of the forum works. It's just the standard version, that shows that behaviour.

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