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Thread: Where is our Steve

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    Where is our Steve

    Hope all is well and I'm missing his lovey paintings

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    Quote Originally Posted by justjean View Post
    Hope all is well and I'm missing his lovey paintings
    And there's the question. He was sounding particularly distraught -- actually for a long while. But it was getting more intense with the loss of his kids' mother. Not good being depressed and bereft going into surgery which I think was supposed to be happening. He was rather vague about that. And I was just trying to assemble the pieces to figure out what happened to him. Hopefully I was wrong and he didn't need a second surgery and he's traveling to some remote garden spot with his favorite replicant, Rachael from BladeRunner.

    I'm concerned as well. Been so for a while. He sure was doing nice work, as you say.

    Steve, show yourself. . . and your paintings!
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Yes I second DAkey's sentiment.. I miss him and his gorgeous paintings, I am sure he will return in a few months or so when he is ready.... just hope its not too long

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