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Thread: Quadruplo spappolamento cosmico

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    Lightbulb Quadruplo spappolamento cosmico

    This quadriptic may be considered an experimantal and creative blast of a syncretic effort somehow inspired by outstanding abstract artists like Ghxpainter and Rachelle.
    Each one is a single version I grouped (with specular symmmetric rotation(s) the ones below) in order to minimize the attachments.
    I wonder which one You find to be the best or the preferred one .... (provided You like, of course)

    Click and zoom on the image in case to better see textures.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Lo encuentro muy curioso...
    A mí me parece algo relacionado con la biología, es decir, un universo interno y diminuto!!!
    Muy bien logrado!

    I find it very curious ...
    It seems to me something related to biology, ie, an internal universe and tiny !!!
    Very well done!
    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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    Ha! Caesar, true to your Roman namesake, there are no lands you do not choose to conquer.

    Very fun stuff. Looks like it was a joy to move colors around as you did. As they say in darts and marksmanship, "Good grouping!"

    Interesting the title you've chosen to include the word "pulp". Was that a reference to the old pulp sci-fi magazine covers back mid-century 1950s more or less? To explore and visualize strange new worlds?

    I'd open the magazines, but I think they're in Italian. . . which is something of an abstraction in itself, where I can listen to the sound for the sonic component and infer meaning based on inflection and gesture, but without the specific word level revealing and directing meaning. And therein lies the parallel with experiencing abstract painting. One can get certain levels, but it's not so literal as regular subjective paintings usually are. I think I'll put your pictures into the Google Translator and see what it all says.

    Ah, Google translates it out to: "Bravo! Nice stretch!"
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    Caesar, what fun, did you change the blends to change the colours ?

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    I like the colours in the bottom right square best, as the colours seem to suggest 'cosmic'. Looks like you've been having too much fun.

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    And try to ease the way
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    Grazie, caro Damaso! Qui mi è piaciuto giocare come quando ero un bambino, con plastilina e colori e, alla fine, sembra quasi di vedere, in un microscopio elettronico e in falsi colori, cellule disperse in un liquido.
    Thank You, dear Damaso!Here I enjoyed playing like when I was a child, with plasticine and colors and, in the end, it almost seems to see, in an electron microscope and false color, cells dispersed in a liquid.

    Dear D Akey, I appreciate Your blessing on this sortie of mine. Thank You very much!
    This is because it's quite evident I didn't follow or knowingly recall any kind of either abstract or conceptual art style or principle that modern and contemporary art cooked up. The trigger was playing with warm orange brown, some sienna, blue and green-grey as a base, inspired by the combination of colors of my shirt, jacket, trousers and tie, which You may also find walking in a wood on a nice day.
    I just raised my sails and canvases, activated my fun engine and kept my route where compass showed "I like" direction while painting. Maybe because it's an Italian heritage defect, I never fully switch off my intuitive "I like/ I don't like" logic in art or anything i see or perceive. Such an apparently binary chip doesn't come from facebook and similar amenities I try to keep off as much as possible; In fact I use a "weak aesthetic logic" which contains also degrees of liking and comparisons like (little/far) more, less, as much as than. Gestures and body language cannot be added here though and it would be useful indeed also because English too, outside conventional speeches, may get understandable more intuitively than in a complete and universal, correct syntax even among English-speaking people and would require knowledge of many idiomatic expressions and common and special slangs from anywhere.

    Exactly, dear Jean, on two or three layers. I also used the other height/ texture/ grain blending to a little extent, mainly to keep paint tubes 3-D look on the lunar-like "craters". However it was not a mere tools and blending mechanical process, since I introduces quite a few manual adjustments to make it look better and somehow handcratedly unique. Thank You!

    Thank You, dear June! (I risked another mistake here having Jean and June in succession LOL) Actually it's probably the one I like the most too, although it's the most distant from the initial idea I described on my answer to D Akey.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Oh my!
    There is so much fun going on in so many ArtRage studios! When I'm not too busy and find a bit of time to lurk around, it's one fantastic experiment after the other! I hope to find time to interact more in other studios soon. (I was interrupted while composing this post, and it took two hours before I could complete it!)

    In your studio I find a very dynamic lab experiment, which wants to jump right off the microscope's glass slide. It's a cosmos under that slide.

    I "like" the top left one for its colorful floral aspect;
    I "like just as much" the bottom right one, which I imagine seeing through a giant telescope.

    As for the two others, pale blue with grey surrounding, I "like a bit more" the one on bottom left, for its texture. Both these I imagine seeing through a microscope.

    ...and I "really really really like a lot" your textual expression, especially the part you reply to Mr. Akey.

    You made me laugh and smile, upon reading that both gxhpainter's work and mine were inspirational to your colorful smash up. Glad to see that you find both our religions not too dogmatic, allowing you to develop your own spin on it, draining interesting juice from that pulp.

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    Dear Caesar,

    I am officially retired!... and have mentally started to slip into ArtRage mode so I was really enthralled with your latest explorations. I am very partial the the more neutral works ( at the moment ) although each speaks it own story. It is kind of cool that even flipping on one axis seems to present a totally different expression. Well done and DAkey and Hannah are on my case to get back to work... I have been doodling around with an iPad and stylus but that is a long term vision. How is it going with your new stylus? and tablet..?

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    Thank You, dear Rachelle for Your utmost kind and eloquent comment. I like to ride Artrage without bridles sometimes and I get fun and visual pleasure in my crazy loose bursts and experiments. I tend to keep some perceptive likeness and connection with reality visual rules as unusual and weird as the image may look.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Well old friend, I'm popping in after one of my long absences and stumbled on your terrific experiment. For my money, the way to really see these is to blow each up full screen and be with each for a couple of minutes and see how each starts to resolve a "whole". Doing that, the one that comes together for me, that somehow has an impact in my fragile psyche, is the fourth corner, bottom right. It is the one that, for me, comes together and settles into some kind of coherent whole enough to make me want to struggle to get at what it is saying to me. It's a bit of a dark speaking, something that might rummage around in my head in a troubled dream, maybe a little menacing, maybe a little bit wondrous and wondering about what is this at its heart. It captures me and makes me want to wonder and wander around in it, struggling with its dark and light, its darkness seeming to hold an inner light working hard to burst out. What's going on in this dream? It's wonderful that it isn't resolved, an itch unscratched. I'll come back and look again on another day.

    Abstract art can be fun, seeing the kinds of things it can spark in people's psyches, things we may never have intended or contemplated when laying down the paint, yes? We can say the same, though, in any fine portrait, never sure what the viewer brings to it, making it a different painting depending on who is looking.

    Fun exercise old boy. It is inspirational how you never allow yourself to be trapped in a predictable box.
    Appreciation fosters well-being. Be well.
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