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Thread: new AR user questions (new surface pro user)

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    Feb 2015

    new AR user questions (new surface pro user)

    hello, i'm a very long time mac guy, who recently obtained a surface pro 3. I have the full version of AR, and windows 8.1 pro version. so, bot AR and the windows OS are new to me.

    two versions of AR were installed, a 32-bit and I assume a 64-bit. I think i'm supposed to use the 64-bit one, is that correct? can I or should I delete the 32-bit version?

    I know this is not an AR-specific question, but do any of the surface pro users experience periodic no responsiveness when using tools, like for about 5-10 seconds? it's not like the whole app has frozen, but i'll be using the roller tool and it'll just stop, cursor stuck in the last location, and i'll try another tool,. or another color, nothing. I could, however, zoom in and out. I've seen this is pshop and illustrator too. something seems to be taking over the cpu. but not so much that i'll notice it when i'm using IE, or an app like flipboard.

    thanks for any help in these matters.

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    You can keep or delete the 32 bit version as you choose. It's a backup option in case the wrong system is detected, or you need it for another computer, or you want to run some 32 bit Photoshop filters.

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    Feb 2015
    cool, thanks. i'm fine on disk space, so maybe i'll leave it. if i want to delete it, i'd go to the winnows control panel and delete there?

    on cpu thing, i'm seeing the desktop windows manager sometimes take a big cpu %, and same with the windows antimalware service.

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